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free nasa virtual field trips

Get ready to explore various subjects with NASA’s Goddard Visitor Centre Specialists!

Here is what you can expect from this programme:

  • 📺 Fun short videos to watch ahead of time
  • 📹 30-min Interactive live presentations
  • ❓Q&A session with NASA’s specialists
  • 🙌 Optional self-guided hands on activities
  • 👧 Suitable for 5-14 year olds 👦

OUR teaching philosophy

We create remarkable learning experiences by combining three core ingredients


Reputable scientific research from field experts.


Tested educational practices from talented teachers.


Innovative entertainment methods from creative artists.

meet our team

We are an enthusiastic, inventive, diligent and determined young team!
Marinara Marcato

Founder & CEO

Becky Quinlan

Marketing Specialist 

Louise McGrath

STEM Coordinator

Esther Ahn

UX/UI Designer

Tony Loung

UX/UI Designer

SMART Edu Challenge

Free STEM Activity Programme!
The activities were designed for 7+ year old kids to celebrate TechWeekRoboWeekGlobal Astronomy Month, World Space Week.
  • ✔️Video Animations to explain science
  • ✔️Interactive Apps and Games to enhance learning
  • ✔️Activity Sheets to explore newly acquired knowledge
  • ✔️ Story to engage and give context

our smart family community!

“Very well prepared, extensive and enjoyable. Kids were involved and captivated.”

– Agata Pfister

“Excellent concept presented in a clever engaging way. The combination of formats was effective. Our kids bought into it!”

– George Shorten

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