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virtual camps

We created Online Summer Camps to keep your SMART Cookies engaged and informed!
Join us for our one week expedition through the wonderland of fun learning:
  • 🖥️ 1 hour Zoom call with our enthusiastic experts
  • 🙌 2 hours of hands-on activities after the video call
  • 📓 Google Classroom for communication and extra material
  • 💬 Social interactions between students
  • 👧 Suitable for kids aged 7 upwards 👦


We create remarkable learning experiences by combining three core ingredients:

Reputable scientific research from field experts
Tested educational practices from talented teachers
Innovative entertainment methods from creative artists


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We are committed to providing every child with the opportunity of experiencing

high quality education delivered in a fun and engaging format that 

creates a bond with their family, friends and community.


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We strive to inspire, teach and prepare

the next generation of problem-solvers by combining education, entertainment and technology.

Meet our team

We are an enthusiastic, inventive, diligent and determined young team!

Marinara Marcato

our Passionate Science Teacher

Jean Matias

our Inventive Tech Expert

Vicky Burke

our Creative Head Artist

Becky Quinlan

our Enthusiastic Marketing Specialist

We hope you have as much FUN learning from our content as we had creating it!

SMART Edu Challenge comprises of five fun activities with a GIVEAWAY for one lucky winner! The activities were designed for 7+ year old kids and celebrate TechWeekRoboWeek and Global Astronomy Month

  • ✔️Video Animations to explain science
  • ✔️Interactive Apps and Games to enhance learning
  • ✔️Activity Sheets to explore newly acquired knowledge
  • ✔️ Story to engage and give context

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