A spootacular experience

A new way of celebrating this thrilling festival


A remarkably fun learning experience that will spark curiosity and inspire passion for science

  • 🗓️ Thursday, 29 October at 12.00pm (GMT+1)
  • 🎥 Live interactive video lesson with expert instructors
  • 🧒 Perfect for every curious child aged 7 upwards
  • 📅 1 day filled with engaging activities
  • 🕒 3+ hours of independent work
  • 🧰 Minimum resources and assistance required
  • 🏠Accessible from the comfort and safety of your home!

our instructors

Marinara Marcato

PhD Student at Tyndall National Institute, designing artificial intelligence for the selection of guide dogs

Megan O’Brien

PhD Student at Tyndall National Institute, designing tunable lasers for photonic integration

what our families say

It was worth every minute. My son was happy buzzing for the rest of the day. He was more secure and open because of the online setting.” – Vika Gailite

“We were really impressed with the standard of teaching delivered by the fun, intelligent and inspiring female leads.”  – Lucy Moore

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