We are giving away a Remote Controlled Helicopter, you can view more details on Amazon US and Amazon UK! Please note that it is only possible for us to ship the prize to the USA, Ireland and UK.


You can register your entry until the 8th of October. Here is how you can get a chance to win:

1. Subscribe to our email list if you haven’t done so yet!

2. Fill out the form below. You will be able to upload photos of your #SMARTFamily doing the activities.

extra entry

You can also get anĀ extra entry each time you share a post:

1. Follow us on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter).

2. Share your photos tagging us and using #SMARTEduChallenge #SMARTFamily #SMARTCookies. Make sure you have the post public so we can find it.

Please review the Terms and Conditions of the challenge and giveaway.

previous winners

Well done to our #SMARTParent Agata and the #SMARTCookies Kesja and Jonathan on successfully completing the challenge! 

We are really grateful you for your support!