Space Travel & Exploration

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Course Duration: 10h
50.00 75.00

About Course

This week-long virtual camp will take students on an exciting trip to Space - from exploring Earth, to building rockets and finally setting foot on celestial bodies! Students will develop their problem solving skills while discovering the universe and exploring all things rockets, satellites, space travel. They will learn from specialists and complete engaging hands on challenges!
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Zoom Lessons

5th-9th July at 10.00-11.15am. Each day comprises of an 1 hour interactive lesson followed by 15min of fun games and icebreakers.

Students will be given activities and challenges to complete in their own time. They will have a chance to present it to their peers.

Who is this course for?

This camp is perfect for SMART Cookies who are enthusiastic about everything space travel – rockets, astronauts, celestial bodies and the entire universe! 


Jack Mulcahy
BSc Physics, University College Cork
PhD Student, Tyndall National Institute
Giulia Magnarini
BSc in Planetary Sciences with Astronomy Phd in Earth Science, University College London
50.00 75.00

What I will learn?

  • Gravity & Atmosphere
  • Building Rockets
  • Solar System
  • Mapping Planets
  • Living in Space

Target Audience

  • 8-12 year old children
  • Everyone in their family

Material Includes

  • Pre-Lesson Activities
  • Live Zoom Lessons
  • Post-Lesson Challenge
  • Worksheets


  • Zoom, Kahoot
  • Desktop, Laptop or Tablet
  • Basic household materials

Course Curriculum


  • Overview
  • Lesson Activities
  • Zoom Lessons

Day 1
Earth Atmosphere and Orbits

Day 2
Rocket Design

Day 3
Solar System

Day 4
Mapping a Planet

Day 5
A Mission to the Moon

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