smart edu challenge

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We created SMART Edu Challenge to provide your family with high quality education in an engaging and fun way

  • ✔️Five activities
  • ✔️Minimum resources
  • ✔️Minimum preparation time
  • ✔️Suitable for kids aged 7 upwards
  • ✔️ About 1h of learning and fun per activity!!!
  • ✔️Technology,Robotics and Astronomy related topics

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our smart family community!

“Very well prepared, extensive and enjoyable. Kids were involved and captivated.”

– Agata Pfister

“Excellent concept presented in a clever engaging way. The combination of formats was effective. Our kids bought into it!”

– George Shorten

how does it work?

in progress

1. The activities are accessible to everyone on our blog

  • ✔️Video Animation to explain science/technology
  • ✔️Interactive Apps and Games to enhance learning
  • ✔️Activity Sheets to explore newly acquired knowledge
  • ✔️Background Story to engage and give context
2. Subscribe for free to get access to the following
  • ✔️ Kids’ Activity Sheet with practice questions
  • ✔️ Parents’ Activity Sheet with the answers

3. Start your SMART Education Experience

  • ✔️ Support your kids and have fun while learning
  • ✔️ Enjoy and make great lockdown memories

the activities

🔟 Binary Numbers
👩‍💻Text Encoding
🔒 Cryptography

🔑 Caesar/Vigenere Ciphers

📈 Cartesian Coordinate
🌐 Geographic Coordinate
🤖 Robots
🥏 Drones
🚀 Rockets
🌌 Solar System

When does it take place?

time management

You can complete the activities on your own time.

What is it about?


Join us on this eventful adventure through the worlds of Technology, Robotics and Astronomy!

can we do it from home?

best place

Absolutely, all you need is internet connection and a laptop or tablet. 

the experience!

“In the current lock down the activities were perfect. I got to spend quality time with my boys while they were being exposed to topics they wouldn’t really get access to in school. It was challenging while teaching them new ways to problem solve and research material. It has definitely sparked an interest in science/robotics/space.”

– Ivan O’Riordan

“The format of the tasks and worksheets is brilliant – really well pitched. The videos are spot on and the right length. The dialogue is encouraging and upbeat. The puzzles are fun and what better theme to use than Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy? We really are enjoying it. One of the best lockdown things we are doing in fact. Highly addictive!

– Lucy Moore

How can we participate?


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