#4 Ready for Take-Off?

We learnt how robots find their way around using coordinates, let’t check how we can actually get there! By the way, what do robots look like? If you just pictured something resembling a human with arms and a head… Sorry, but you are about to find out that conception of robots is not that accurate!  Join …

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#3 Navigating the World!

You navigate the world just like all robots do! Did you know that robots also use GPS to get around? Yes, exactly like you do when exploring new places! But how can they read maps if they don’t have eyes like us?!  Join us to learn about the relationship between Cartesian Coordinates, Geographic Coordinates and …

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#2 Secret Messages Disclosed

Cryptography challenge activity for kids including Caesar and Vigenère Ciphers. Free printable work sheets about Cryptography. Activity sheet with template Caesar Cypher Wheel.