Activity Instructions

hello smart parents

These activities are a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your SMART Cookie. Well done in trying this out!
It should take your kids about 30-60 minutes to complete.
  • ✔️Younger SMART Cookies will probably need your help, so make sure to set some time for this activity.
  • ✔️Older SMART Cookies could probably do the activity by themselves, but we would love to have you involved too!
This activity comprises of the following elements:
  • ✔️Background Story to engage and give context
  • ✔️Video Animation to explain science/technology
  • ✔️Activity Sheets to explore newly acquired knowledge

We strongly suggest that you download the Activity Sheet NOW before starting.

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Here is how you can make the most of it:

  • ✔️ Kids Activity Sheet
    • 🖨️ If you have a working printer: that is great, you should print it out!
    •  📱  If you only have a tablet: you can use some pdf editing app.
    • 💻 If you only have a computer, laptop or phone: your kids can open the Activity Sheet and use some extra paper to write when following it. Take advantage to copy key ideas, it is a great for memorising!
  • ✔️ Parents Activity Sheet
    • 🏁 You can use it to check your kids’ work!

👏 Wonderful, you are all set!!!

🎉 We are now ready to start having some great fun! 

📸 Don’t forget to take some photos to be in with a chance of winning a Remote Controlled DIY STEM Drone kit – also you will appreciate these memories in the future!