#1 Ghostly Expanding Balloons!

With Halloween fast approaching, I have decided to start decorating my house to bring some spookiness to it! I have climbed into my attic and pulled down the most spookiest and creepiest decorations I can find! Usually I would only decorate my porch, but this year I am feeling extra festive, so I think I will start hanging up ghosts and balloons around my house as well!

The only problem with balloons is the fact they have to be blown up by blowing lots of air into them.. When you have over 20 balloons to hang up it can be a VERY difficult task. Especially now with the evil COVID-19 hanging about, I don’t really want to be blowing into balloons!

So I was sitting at my kitchen table the other day, and was thinking of alternative ways that I could blow up my balloons. I was finding it really difficult until I looked into my fridge and saw my vinegar. “Aha!” I exclaimed as I realised that a simple science experiment could come to my rescue and blow up my balloons for me!

I grabbed a few more items out of my cupboard and quickly drank some water from a plastic bottle. I grabbed my balloons and set up my experiment. The only item I was missing was a funnel, however, I was able to construct a funnel using some cereal box. Once I set up the experiment, I watched the magic happen.

The balloon fills up with carbon dioxide (CO2), and the properties of CO2 is very different to the air that we blow into the balloon. So I blew up a balloon with air, and then conducted another experiment to decided to see which balloon would hit the floor first and I was very surprised with the result. Which do you think would hit the floor first? 

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Have a spooky Halloween 👻